Investing in Local Resources to Create a Sustainable Future

Mineral Basin Solar Project

Swift Current Energy (SCE) is developing a historic utility-scale solar project in Goshen and Girard Townships, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. Mineral Basin Solar is a 402 MWac solar project with the potential to power 75,000 households annually. The Mineral Basin Solar Project is sited on reclaimed mine land and will be the largest solar project in Pennsylvania.

The Mineral Basin Solar Project will Bring a Long-Term Economic Boost to Goshen & Girard Townships and Clearfield County

Providing additional tax revenues, totaling millions of dollars over the life of the project, which will directly benefit Clearfield County, the local school district and provide Goshen & Girard Townships with substantial resources to direct towards public safety, road upgrades, and infrastructure improvements.

Executing Donation Agreements with Goshen and Girard Townships through which $200,000 dollars annually will go into Community Funds to support local projects and initiatives on behalf of citizens of Clearfield County.

Enhancing local economic impact by purchasing equipment and materials from Pennsylvania-based suppliers when feasible in all phases—development, construction, and operation.

Paying millions of dollars to local landowners over the life of the project through annual lease payments and easement agreements, resulting in a diversified revenue stream that protects against fluctuating commodity prices and preserves family properties for future generations.

Partnering with an organization in the Southern Tier of New York to invest in economic and community development, with a focus on workforce development in disadvantaged communities.

Delivering clean, on-peak power to the state of New York at a cost-effective and reliable price, allowing the State of New York to reduce its carbon emissions.

Being an active part in the local community by developing meaningful relationships that translate into long-term partnerships with local organizations, schools, and community members.

Working with Clearly Ahead Development to ensure that the Project aligns with and enhances ongoing and future goals to create growth and opportunity in Clearfield County.

Investing in reclaimed mine land and putting it to productive use to power a sustainable future.

Why Clearfield County?

Clearfield County, Pennsylvania has powered the industrial development of the American economy since the late 1800’s, when the Beech Creek Railroad was constructed to enable marketing of extracted minerals and timber. Formerly a central hub of the state’s surface coal mining activities, Clearfield County’s reclaimed mining sites present an unparalleled opportunity to repurpose the land for solar development, harvesting another one of the area’s abundant natural resources to power America.

The Mineral Basin Solar Project not only demonstrates a commitment to bring renewable energy to Clearfield County, it also represents a belief that the people who helped drive the economy of the past deserve a place in the modern, sustainable economy of the future.

Energy Storage

SCE is considering off-site battery energy storage as a potential option for the Mineral Basin Solar Project. The potential storage component will use lithium-ion battery cells, which is the same type of battery found in everyday consumer electronics and medical devices.

Energy storage is a means to store and release energy within the electrical power grid. The batteries store energy during the day when there is an abundance of electricity being generated, and then discharge the stored energy when the need is greatest.

Relatively small battery cells are arranged into modules, which are then arranged into racks. These racks are housed in either purpose-built containers or buildings and are connected to the grid. This allows the energy storage system to charge and discharge stored energy, as needed.

Battery manufacturers perform extensive testing before deployment, and energy storage systems are required to be designed to high safety standards. These systems are designed with multiple layers of risk monitoring and mitigation in place. In addition, the site will be remotely monitored 24/7 by trained personnel to ensure no abnormalities occur on the system. Internal fire suppression and ventilation systems are designed as backstop protection should any abnormality occur. Moreover, the remote-control center has the ability to emergency stop the system in addition to the on-site safety design measures.

About Swift Current Energy

Founded in 2016, SCE has commercialized more than 2 gigawatts (GW) of utility-scale renewable energy projects. With a pipeline of more than 10 GW of wind, solar, and energy storage projects under development, we are focused on bringing low-cost clean energy and meaningful economic development to communities across the United States.

Public Documents and Information

Stakeholder involvement and consultation are an ongoing part of the project permitting process. SCE strives to provide information to stakeholders, understand stakeholder interests, work with stakeholders to obtain and implement feedback, and encourage stakeholder participation in the permitting process.

Stakeholders will have access to electronic documents below, and hard copies will be available at one of the following locations:


116 Knobs Road
Shawville, PA 16783


165 Girard Circle
LeContes Mills, PA 16850